KROWD: A new way to interact with your consumers

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Krowd is a unique company that brings value and increased profits to our partnered companies. The Krowd partnership centers on a mobile app and bar code system, which can be used in a variety of ways to suit our partnered companies’ needs. We can bring added traffic to your doors that will increase revenue, and share our data to improve returns on your advertising budget.

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How Krowd Works

Krowd's main interaction with the public and partnered companies is through our mobile app and bar code system. The Krowd system is two sided. First, a list of partnered companies grant customers access to a Krowd bar code. This bar code is scanned by their Krowd mobile app, which then banks a code in their profile. These customers then use these banked Krowd codes to gain access to another list of partnered companies, which are willing to give discounts or special access. Within the Krowd app, companies can also create their own specific loyalty programs. These transactions also generate a considerable amount of data: who the customers are, their travel patterns, spending habits, hobbies and interests. These will be shared with our partnered companies to help streamline their marketing and increase returns vs investment. A company’s interaction with the public through Krowd will be tailored to suit their individual needs.

Distributing Krowd Codes to Your Customers

Partnered companies can choose this option to offer added value to their customers. This gives a company an advantage over their competitors by creating repeat and increased traffic. Krowd grants a company a unique bar code that is scanned by the Krowd mobile app and grants the customer a code that is banked in their profile. This banked code can then be used to receive discounts and special access to all of Krowd's other partnered companies. For example: a customer makes a purchase at, or just visits a company. During this interaction they were granted a Krowd code by scanning the Krowd bar code. As a result, they are now able to save $50 off hotels in Banff and Jasper, or receive discounts at ski resorts and golf courses. The value in the Krowd partnership is beyond anything else currently available in the market. This is a one for one transaction - unlike Air Miles, where you can spend thousands and have to collect points over time to see any real value. This sort of partnership with Krowd is free. Krowd monetizes the redemption side of the system; not the distribution of codes. Partnered companies can add value by passing on codes to their customers with no cost to them. For Krowd, these partners are providing distribution and marketing. Given this provided advantage, partnered companies will actively educate their customers regarding the benefits of the Krowd code system.

Granting a Discount will Push Krowd's Traffic to Your Doors

Partnered companies agree to provide a discount or special access, which Krowd advertises and pushes to all of its users. This may be viewed as similar to Groupon; however, Krowd has several key advantages over Groupon. First, Krowd's cost is extremely low, a fraction of what Groupon charges. Groupon takes an extravagant 50% of the discount offered. Second, Krowd only charges around 5-10 percent, and is negotiable on a partner by partner basis to tailor Krowd to their specific business. There is a trend towards companies moving away from Groupon’s service due to their high cost. The nature of Krowd’s reciprocal system (by handing out codes through other companies) grants our partnered companies access to a wider market by using our system. Groupon and other loyalty or discount programs tend to only attract deal seekers. Krowd users are diverse, and represent a larger cross section of society. This more diverse following has been noticed by our partnered companies and is attributable to our fast growth. Krowd is also selective in who we partner with and we always try to work some exclusivity into our partnerships.

The happier our partners are with Krowd, the more they push our brand, distribution and use of Krowd codes. The ease and simplicity in the use of the Krowd system also creates a high percentage of users and repeat customers. Option of a Loyalty Program Built within the Krowd System

Within use of the Krowd system, some partnered companies may choose to create their own unique loyalty program.This is done through a second type of restricted code. For example, Revelstoke Ski Resort wants to drive return customers and push sales for next year’s season's passes. They can set up their own loyalty program with Krowd by making their own specific offer. For example: 20 bar codes scanned specifically from buying lift tickets from the resort grants $300 off a season’s pass for the next year. When the customer scans a bar code from a company offering a specific in house offer, the banked code first goes to this restricted offer in their profile. The consumer then has the choice to leave this collected Krowd code in this specific Revelstoke offer, to save towards the 20 needed. Or, they can pull that code out of the Revelstoke section and place it in general use - to be used on any other partnered companies’ offer. Restricted codes for specific company loyalty programs can only be collected from those respective businesses. Restricted codes can be moved out to general use, but a general use code can never be brought into a restricted category. Companies using Krowd to create their own specific loyalty program creates value for their customers, and promotes repeat business. Krowd operates and manages this loyalty program for our partners, which frees up their marketing resources.

For more information on KROWD and the KROWD App, please contact us: