Krowd is a unique company that partners with local businesses to bring value and increased savings to your life. Krowds mission is to cut down the cost of living by granting users with access to discounts and promotions with its mobile app and barcode system.

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How it works

The Krowd system interacts through three main actions:

  1. Collection of Krowd codes through our partnerships which are banked in your profile to gain access to savings
  2. Redemption of Krowd codes with our partnered companies to gain access to savings and discounts
  3. Loyalty offers for specific Krowd partnered companies
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Imagine going out for dinner, scanning a barcode while you wait for your meal and instantly getting $50 off your hotel for the weekend, half off your lift tickets at the ski hill or even a discount oil change before your next road trip? It’s as easy as that when you download the Krowd app to get instant savings on the things you really want in life.

The value in the Krowd partnership is beyond anything else currently available on the market. This is a one for one transaction - unlike other discount, loyalty or points systems, where you usually have to spend thousands and have to collect points over time to see any real value. Krowd is instantaneous. A Krowd code can be collected at one company, and used minutes later for savings at another partnered company. The distribution of Krowd codes for our partnered companies adds real value they can pass along to their consumers, and this style of partnership is completely free.


Partnered companies agree to provide a discount or special access, which Krowd advertises to its users. For a Krowd user to gain access to these discounts they scan a specific Krowd bar code which the partnered company will display to the user. The user scans this bar code and a general use Krowd code (green code) will be subtracted from the users profile. This quick interaction of scanning the bar code offer needs to be witness by an employee of the company granting the offer. They will then honor the savings or discount offered. If for some reason this quick scan process of redeeming a code is interrupted and not witnessed properly by the employee, a user can access their scan history in the option page to provide proof of the scan date and time.

Loyalty program restricted codes can be moved out to general use, but a general use code can never be brought into a restricted category.

Loyalty Programs:

Within use of the Krowd system some partnered companies may choose to create their own unique loyalty program. This is done through a second type of restricted code (red Krowd codes) For example: a Ski Resort can have loyalty program with Krowd by making their own specific offer, such as 10 bar codes scanned from you buying lift tickets from the resort grants you a $300 credit off a seasons pass for the next year.

When you scan a bar code from a company offering a specific in house offer the banked code goes to this restricted offer in your profile. You then have the choice to leave this collected Krowd code in this specific ski resort offer, to save towards the 10 needed or pull that code out of the ski resorts section and place it in general use - to be used on any other partnered company offer. Restricted codes can be moved out to general use, but a general use code can never be brought into a restricted category.